How to Book


The Village Hall is available to hire with Bar Facilities for evening parties/celebrations on  Saturdays from 7.30 - 12.30 for the room ( 7.30 - midnight) for the Bar.

Sorry we cannot take bookings for 18th or 21st birthday parties.

Christenings/Naming days can be booked on a Sunday afternoon between 1 -4.30 for the room (1 -4) for the Bar.  Access will be permitted earlier in the day to set up and dress the hall as desired.

Children's parties can usually be accommodated on a Saturday afternoon between 3 -5.

Bar facilities are not normally available at this time.

Other types of bookings for private or business events will be considered subject to availability at the date and time requested.

To check on  availability and confirm your booking you will have to telephone the bookings secretary.

Irene Bain on 01925 602597 if the call is not answered please leave a message on the answer machine and your call will be returned at the earliest convenience.

Appleton Thorn Village Hall - Booking Conditions

Click here to download the booking conditions.

  1. Only Members may book the Hall for a function when the bar would usually be open.
  2. Bookings may only be made via the Booking Secretary.
  3. Alcoholic drinks may not be brought onto the premises, whether the BAR IS OPEN OR NOT. No glass must be taken outside the building. Plastic will be provided.
  4. Only drinks purchased over the bar may be consumed on the premises or in the grounds.
  5. Bookings requiring a bar outside normal opening hours are not automatically taken, but are dependent on bar staff availability.
  6. Functions with a bar must finish 20 minutes after the bar closes. ALL MUSIC MUST FINISH AT MIDNIGHT PROMPT - Hirers are asked to make this clear to guests and entertainers, especially when booking taxis.
  7. Hall bookings do not give exclusive use. Members will usually retain the right to use the lounge bar and the garden area.
  8. Bookings for 18th and 21st birthday parties are not taken.
  9. Users must refrain from using confetti or similar materials in the Hall or its grounds.
  10. Given adequate notice, Bar extensions may be available, but cannot be guaranteed. An extra charge of £10 will be made.
  11. A fixed charge will be made for cleaning the Hall.
  12. A deposit may be required at the time of booking.
  13. The private hire of any equipment brought onto the premises, i.e. Bouncy Castles, is the full responsibility of the hirer. The hall is not insured for any personal injury, accident or damage caused by the use of such equipment and any responsibility in this respect is the hirers.
  14. Hirers must report all spillages to the Bar Staff immediately. The Hall floor is very slippery when wet.
  15. (a) Emergency Exits to the back and front doors are clearly marked and must not be obstructed.
    (b) The front and back doors must be unlocked for the duration of the booking.
    (c) It is the Hirers responsibility to familiarise themselves with all the Fire Fighting equipment and emergency exit routes and make sure that everyone is aware of what to do in the event of a Fire or any other Emergency.
    (d) A plan of the Hall layout is displayed on the notice board in the Main Hall to the right of the Bar.
    (e) If the bar is not Staffed the Hirer is deemed to be the responsible person in charge of the Hall for the duration of the booking.
    (f) It is advisable for the Hirer to have a list of attendees so that in the event of an emergency a roll call can be taken.
    (g) No naked lights, Fireworks, Gas appliances or flammable substances are allowed inside the building.
    (h) All Hirers of the Hall are encouraged to carry out their own Fire Risk assessment highlighting the areas that apply to their own group of users and their activities.
  16. It is a condition of hire that the front and back doors are open for the duration of the booking, and locked after use. The back door must be locked with the key provided and bolted from the inside and you must vacate by the front door. It is the hirers responsibility to familiarise themselves with all the fire equipment and emergency exits and make sure everyone is ware of the procedure to adopt in the event of a fire. All hirers must ensure the alarm has been reset prior to leaving.
  17. The hirer must ensure the Music is turned OFF if the Fire Alarm starts ringing.
  18. A maximum of 80 people are total are permitted in the Hall.

Please return Keys to:
BOOKING SECRETARY; Irene Bain 01925 602597